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Beyond Expectations. Doctor is well experienced and treatment is excellent. Friendly nature. Good facility.

Excellent doctor! My second time here and always diagnoses the problem. Prompt timing as well. Would definitely recommend her .

Dr. Sanghamitra is very pleasing and  listens to the patient and summarises the discussion very well and comprehensively. Surely recommend her.

Doctor was quick in understanding the concerns, her diagnosis and resolution was to the point, crisp and professional.

She is one of the best ophthalmologists we have in Bangalore. Explains every procedure patiently and speaks so politely. I'm very much thankful to u ma'am.

In one word ...fantastic....please visit ....She is very friendly with elders. I like it. She treated my parents in a very well manner. I will strongly recommend.

Precise explanation of the issue at hand, detailed check-up to ensure all general parameters are covered. Polite and makes you feel at ease.

Excellent Doctor. She spends good enough time with patient, explains the cause of the issue . She never gets impatient and answers all questions.

She was really helpful explaining what the issue is and unlike other doctors she wasn't in hurry, she took her time to diagnose, to explain about the medication. I really loved visiting her :)

It was very pleasant and satisfactory experience with the doctor and the suggestions/precautions given by her. Really worth visiting.

The doctor is very friendly and patient. She took the time to listen to my concerns and explain the reasons. Highly recommend the doctor.

Would highly recommend the doctor. Very patient and answers all questions. Very knowledgeable and makes the patient very comfortable.

Dr. Burman is amazing. She is kind and did a proper analysis of the issue. And very caring. She describes the issue very well.

Very good doctor for eye. Excellent hand in eye surgery. I will highly recommend her for any kind of eye problem.

Great experience as she listened to what you are saying. Clarifying all our questions. You will feel positive after your visit

Recommend the doctor highly. To the point. Crisp and clear explanation. Friendly nature. Not crowded

Amazing lady. She hears the patient patiently then gives an advice. My diagnosis was accurate and treatment given was excellent.

Cheerful and positive disposition of doctor was a strong point. Good ambience and quiet place added to the positives.

Brilliant doctor .... She is very caring, warm hearted and helpful. She is very comforting and reassuring.

Such a nice person she is.... She really cares for patients.. I would definitely recommend for eye problems... I Really appreciate her interaction with patients...

I found Dr.Burman to be exceptional. She is very affable. She is clearly the best at her craft and I wouldn't go to anyone else.

Brilliant! She listens to your concern properly and recommends accordingly. Thanks doc for your time. Will visit again.

Doctor is very good. Listened to my problem carefully and suggested necessary remedies. Soft spoken and expert in this field.

Top notch doctor, very knowledgeable and takes time to explain the situation in a way that is not intimidating and easily understood. Highly recommend

Very polite exceptional explanation of the issue and perfect guidance overall an excellent place and doctor

Excellent and quite friendly approach, no ego inspite of an excellent academic track vast clinical experience she possesses.

I got both my kids LASIK surgery performed by the doctor, this time it was a consultation for me...as usual she is always very very friendly...caring...compassionate...she hears you well....explains us the issue we are facing...and suggest the various corrective options...a great medical care professional ....one among the best that I have ever come across in all respects.

I have done cataract surgery for both eyes for my parents and I am extremely satisfied with the procedure and the results . Doctor has advised and guided us in every stage right from initial check- ups to the operation and the after operation check- ups too.

My wife, daughter, and myself have been seeing Dr. Sanghamitra Burman since the last few years, and all I can say is that we wouldn't go to anyone else for our eye health related needs. Dr Burman is not only a highly trained expert in her area of specialisation, but is also a very fine human being. When we see her, we are absolutely assured on three fronts: accuracy of assessment and quality of treatment, clear communication on the issue and patient handling of questions, and values and ethics (something I consider extremely important). I just wish there were more doctors like Dr Burman

I usually never write feedback but this one I had to because I was suffering from eye infection from almost more than a year which even **couldn't treat me properly.  I consulted this doctor few days back and liked the way she diagnosed the problem with proper root cause for recurring infection and my eye infection was cleared in couple of days. She is the best and feeling much better after following her prescription

I am writing this review after 1 year of being treated by Dr. Sanghamitra. I was suffering from bacterial infection on my eye lids, due to which I used to get painful puss filled boils on my eyelids. I consulted many doctors before visiting Dr. Sanghamitra, but my boils used to reoccur regularly every month. Thank you Dr. Sanghamitra for accurately diagnosing the infection and prescribing the right medicine I have not got the boils ever since I visited your clinic last year.Thank you Practo for connecting us! :)

The 20 minute saga: I waited for over 1 year just to get my Cataract Surgery (CS) done by Dr Sangamitra Burman (SB). I could have done this CS over here in Malaysia with all of the best in class facilities, but it’s the confidence and professionalism that mattered and I waited and travelled to Blr ( March / April 2016) to get this CS done through Dr SB. It was those 20 minutes that changed my whole world, it was an experience. Dr SB educated me about the whole operation and during the operation explained everything around me and what was happening as it went. She made me feel at ease and comfortable. It all happened so fast. Just those 20 minutes, when I came out of the OT, my whole world had changed. I had never seen the world so bright and colorful. I was elated and suddenly found my wife more beautiful than ever!! The colors are so bright now; I now see the shades of color, the details.

On my way back I could read the menu card in the coffees shop without glasses. That was amazing. This is more than what I expected. Ofcourse I have now got rid of those heavy glasses which was a part of me for over 3 decades.

This was the third CS Dr SB conducted in my family, my mom was first, the success was followed up by my Bro in law. Their true experience and success, imbibed me to get my CS done ONLY by DR SB. The ease at which she conducted the whole CS for both my eyes is amazing. Considering my time limitations (had to travel back to Malaysia), her professional planning and execution is worth mentioning. The entire experience before and after my CS is commendable. I feel blessed and am happy that my eyes were in the safe hands of DR SB. Me and my wife share this heartfelt thanks to Dr SB, and wish her success for those long sight-ful light years ahead. I am forever grateful to Dr Sanghamitra for giving me this great vision.

Doctor was very kind and patient enough to do the diagnosis, especially time spend for kids is highly appreciated. The clinic is equipped with all necessary setups to do diagnosis. Booking appointment by SMS was also worked promptly. Surely recommend doctor for all.

She was more approachable in terms of explaining the practices at home by the kid. She listened to us keenly about the problem and gave a appropriate feedback on what has to be changed and how the infection has to be controlled and finally how to be eliminated.

I met the doctor with my mother for her cataract problem. A very friendly doctor, immediately put us at ease and explained everything in detail in terms that even my mother could understand. Helped us the schedule the surgery so that we do not have to worry about the nitty- gritty.

Dr. is very friendly and polite. Her approach towards the issue is also very remarkable. She has a good knowledge in her domain and expertise. Also, she addressees her patients and their problems diligently and with lot of care, patience and devotion. Always and always recommend Dr. Sanghamitra for any eye related concern.

I took my mom for general eye checkup and headache . She checked my mom and provided exact cause of her eye pain. I would recommend this doctor for sure and she is best .Thanks to Practo once again for helping to search this doctor.

Doctor did a thorough check up and made sure all eye related queries are professionally addressed. I have cylindrical power so it needs extra time to check the right power and doctor was very patient which I didn't find with 3 other doctors earlier. Good thing was we were late but she skipped us to see patients who were on time.

She was so polite and seems like very experienced...explained everything and treated well...gave sufficient time for consultation

Very good doctor and excellent treatment. Visited for eye checkup and she tested my eyes and suggested drops, after using 1 week I am feeling very good so strongly recommended to all.

The doctor was so nice. She described about my problem very well and looked into my disease very patiently.

We booked an appointment with Dr Sanghamitra based on her rich experience as well as the great patient reviews. Our own experience with her exceeded expectations in every way. She is humble, polite, very easy to talk to, gives the patient time to explain the issues, and explains everything really well. We got the impression that since Dr. Burman runs her own practise, she is able to offer exceptional quality, by seeing limited number of patients and giving each one ample time. It was totally worth it and we now have a dependable eye doctor to go to always.

It was a pleasure to get my general eye check up done by Dr. Sangamitra Burman. She is extremely knowledgeable. She was patient with my questions. Currently am taking a prescription medication which is known to affect the retina for a small set of people. She answered my queries and set a date when I need to have my retina checked. I highly recommend her.

Dr. Sanghamitra is very friendly and a very soft-spoken and light hearted doctor. You will feel positive while interacting with her. Very detailed explanation of the problem what we have and she suggested not to go for LASIK because of the minor number what i have. She took her time to check eyes and there was absolute calmness while checking . I would definitely recommend others to consider her opinion while doing treatment for your eyes.

Doctor is friendly and talks to point on the problem . Gives medication directing the issue and explains beautifully and listens to the patient concern. My family has been visiting Dr. Sanghamitra since a year for any eye related problem and every time she has treated the problem to the point and she give future measure to be taken so that problem does not repeat .

I found Dr Sanghamitra Burman to be very helpful in explaining the case for immediate surgery for the cataract. She had suggested detailed pre-operation treatment before the surgery was done at ** Hospital. She performed the surgery very successfully . I found her to be frank and very sincere.

Very well behaved and patient Doctor. Highly qualified and saw she has received several awards. The treatment was for my wife and it worked pretty well. No unnecessary medication was given. Highly recommended!

Overall good experience. The consultation and the tests were completed very quick and report was provided. Everything was explained in detail. My checking is periodic since it's an ongoing condition and usually this process takes hours in hospitals but here it was very convenient. Highly recommended.

She is an excellent professional. We consulted her to take treatment for Conjunctivitis. We were consulting another Ophthalmologist but couldn't find good progress. By the time we started to consult Dr Sanghamitra the disease had spread to all family members. The doctor's treatment was very good and all of us got cured from the condition. She is a good listener and is very polite with her patients. Thanks a lot for all your help Dr.

Wonderful Experience. She is very friendly and explains the problem clearly. I strongly recommend doctor.

I would like to thank you for having such a experienced doctor like Dr. Burman. Dr. Burman explains the problem in such a way that patient will not get confused or scared. Dr. Told us the why the problem occurred and also the best way of treatment. If there is rating at Practo, say 100 stars, I would have given 100 Stars. 5 Stars is very less for Dr.Burman. Thank you Dr.Burman. Best Regards T.

She is a very nice and patient Doctor, who listens to you well and prescribes genuine solutions. I visited her for dry eyes and to get prescription for contact lenses. The whole experience was comforting. Thanks Doctor.

Dr Sanghamitra is highly qualified and very competent. The clinic is very well run with minimal wait time and on first come first serve basis. It's a one stop shop as there is an in-house Pharmacy as well which saves you the trouble of finding a parking spot near a chemist after the doctors visit.

Doctor is very friendly and did listen to the symptoms. She did check properly and explained us the cause in detail. Medicine prescribed also was good as it showed results from first dose. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone for eye related problems.

Dr Sanghamitra is highly qualified and very competent. The clinic is very well run with minimal wait time and on first come first serve basis. It's a one stop shop as there is an in-house Pharmacy as well which saves you the trouble of finding a parking spot near a chemist after the doctors visit.

Doctor is very friendly and did listen to the symptoms. She did check properly and explained us the cause in detail. Medicine prescribed also was good as it showed results from first dose. I would definitely recommend this place to anyone for eye related problems.

Extremely good doctor.... Warm hearted and make a you feel extremely comfortable.... Performed cataract operation on my mom.... And we are very happy with her operation...Also she is helping out to reduce eye pressure as my mom has glaucoma. And eye pressure has also come under control.... I truly recommend her for all kinds of eye problem

She is the third doctor we have visited for eye infection and she is able to identify the problem and given the treatment. We are very much satisfied the way doctor diagnosed and explained about problems and challenges. Previous doctors asked us to take multiple scans but not explained the problems which is available in scan reports. I am going to recommend the Dr Sanghamitra Burman to all my relatives and friends.

I had eye allergies for over 3 years and have been on drops like Winolap, Pataday, artificial tears and ayurveda (kottakal) etc. recommended by various other docs. After a severe allergy attack, I consulted Dr. Burman, who patiently heard my history and explained in detail what each of these drugs would do and recommended that I may require a more comprehensive management of my condition. It's been exactly 1 month I have been taking her medication/ eye drops and my symptoms are 100% gone. I have not had a single attack. Now I've been asked to continue just 1 drop for a couple of months to maintain. Based on my experience, I would highly recommend this doctor.

Doctor is very calm and composed. She pays full attention to you and gave comprehensive advice on what I can do. I went for normal eye check-up, as I was having frequent headaches and eye dryness and she did good diagnosis.

She was very patient and unhurried in her examination. I would definitely recommend her. Her staff is also very efficient and quick.

She was very competent . She explained the issue to me in simple layman terms . Came across as a professional who is willing to listen patiently

Doctor was very helpful, patient to listen and understand my concerns. Very very satisfied with the check-up and advise given by the Dr post check-up. Brilliant Doctor. Thank you. Clinic staff were very helpful during my visit.

I very much appreciate their assistance. Thank you.

She is a fabulous doctor!! She came before time( which is such a rare thing for doctors in Bangalore it seems) and was very polite. Needless to say she's an expert in her field.

Dr. Sanghamitra was very patient in explaining all my questions. She gave a detailed explanation on the issue that I was suffering from. She gave me alternate treatments. The clinic was easy to locate and in a prime location.

Overall, a very good experience.

Dr. Burman treated me for cataract including surgery and IOL implant. Dr. Burman is super qualified with a very amiable disposition. The entire process of pre-operation consultation to surgery and post op consultation was verysmooth and comfortable. I have been telling my friends and family, in case of eye problems, don't go hither and thither, instead just go to SightYears Eye Clinic and meet Dr. Sanghamitra Burman.

I get migraine headaches often and I wanted check if there was any issue related to my eyes. The doctor was very professional and experienced, asked a few questions and thoroughly examined my eyes. While testing, I was perhaps in a hurry to answer. The doctor politely asked me to take my time and respond clearly. Very satisfied. I'm relieved that there's no specific problem as such with my eyes that causes migraine. It's the regular migraine that aggravates with increased eye strain. I've had experiences with a doctor who is eternally in hurry or just shrugs off your queries and simply ask you to follow the prescription without any explanation. Despite her high qualification and experience (yeah I use "despite" cos it's hard to find such experienced yet grounded docs), the doctor is humble and patiently answered all my queries. Thank you doctor.

The doc. Is awesome, very warm and welcoming. Answered all my queries and was great at her work to diagnose and write me an accurate prescription. She also gives a small report of her findings along with the prescription, which I have not seen with other ophthalmologists. Great experience with her

Great experience overall. For starters, efficiency. <2 min wait time, <5 mins for billing. I was in and out in 20 mins. What's more, the doctor did a series of tests in a short span of time, reached a quick diagnosis and then took the time to explain my condition in detail to me. Dr. Burman came highly recommended to me, and I'd highly recommend her myself!

The doctor is extremely polite and humble. She hears your problem and explains each and everything in detail about the problem. This was our first visit. Went there for my husband's eye cyst and had a good experience with her.

Fuss free and accurate diagnosis. The clinic is equipped with an in-house pharmacy which speeds things up.

A thorough professional, patient friendly, fully knowledgeable, good in explaining health issues, not recommending unnecessary expensive diagnostic tests nor scaring patients, caring etc

Doctor was very professional, and was spot on with her assessment of the condition both the times I visited. She explained the problem in detail, and possible reasons why I was infected and what steps I should take to avoid the same. Overall very positive experience, and would recommend the doctor strongly.

Doctor is very polite and understand patient's concern very well. She explains the health issue thoroughly and helps you to plan the treatment / surgery with all instructions / cautions / guidelines. Very much satisfied with consultation / surgery / post surgery care provided by a doctor over the period of 4 weeks ( 5 appointments).

Dr Sanghamitra is the best I've experiencedinBangalore.  She is very patient and explains everything in a detailed manner. She had done my Lasik surgery, since then I have been going for my regular check- up and for my family as well. I recommend her to all my friends and family.

She is an Excellent eye Doctor. She is very friendly with kind nature She gives enough time to patient

The doctor was willing to discuss various options instead of insisting on a course of action. That showed consideration towards a patient real life difficulties.

Dr Sanghamitra is one of the top ophthalmologist in our country and is extrememly knowledgeable and highly professional in her dealing with the patients. Highly recommended, but make sure you get an appointment if your plan is to catch her over the weekend.

She is calm. Listens to your concern very patiently and responds back very sweetly making u understand the issues correctly . She is careful not to scare the patient , just talking to her makes u feel relieved . Would highly recommend her.

Dr Sanghamitra is an excellent and very capable ophthalmologist. She is caring and approachable. Sight Years Eye Clinic is managed very well by the Dr and courteous and efficient staff.

Great very patient. And gave a lot of time ... extremely knowledgeable  and gave the right suggestions ..... highly recommended

It was a very pleasant experience. From explaining the issue in detail, to answering my many questions, Dr Burman was patient throughout. Never in a hurry to see you off. Also made a few sound choices when it came to my treatment. So definitely a thumbs up.

I liked the experience because there was no sense of hurry in the Doctor. She was calm and took time to explain every important details, possible causes and next actions.

She is one of the best doctors we ever met. Ethical, excellent care and detailed explanation. Thank you. NK.

Was suffering from occasional pain in or behind the eye occasionally accompanied with headache. Sometimes very severe. The doctor has a very friendly demeanour. She took time to understand the symptoms and family history, all factors that could be responsible. Diagnosed with migraine, and suggested a few follow-up tests to confirm dietary deficiencies. She did not insist on going to specific labs for the tests (as is often the case), and on being asked for recommendations suggested a bunch of good laboratories. She comes across as very knowledgeable, friendly and patient. Would definitely recommend her.

She is a wonderful doctor/healer. I am her patient from last 7 years for cornea ulcer. She has always assisted me at every point of time. I recommend everyone who is seeking a great opthalmologist plus a counsellor. She will treat you both physically and mentally and clear all your doubts.

I consulted Dr. Sanghamitra Burman for my two kids, aged 10 years and 5 years. She took her time with us, addressed my concerns, and even answered my kids' many questions patiently. She was excellent and I would certainly recommend her.

The approach was very good, I was well explained with the issue and her way of approaching reduces half of your illness.

Attention to detail during the check-up, clarity in explanation , scheduled appointment, friendly atmosphere, convenient location, availability of lenses and frames within the building.

The doctor has more than 20 years of experience. She has good temperament and takes time to check a patiently. Kindly listens to the patient's issues and comments on that. I would surely recommend anyone to proceed with Dr. Sanghamitra Burman for any eye related issues.

My mother had eyesight problem. As read feedback about Dr. Burman I found her same. Soft spoken, listened to my mom's problem carefully, did detailed checkup, told the reason. She also told her treatment plan which is very much important. It gives you faith on doctor. This was our first visit. In some time we need to revisit.

She is very patient and honest. She gives a genuine suggestion. She listens carefully and her diagnoses are good. She looks very young inspite of her experience.

I consulted Dr. Sanghamitra Burman for my 3 year old daughter eye infection caused due to cold. Doctor was patient in listening and enquired all the details. The test was done quickly and suggested eye drops and cream to apply. The infection reduced in couple of days to a great extent. Overall happy experience.

Excellent! Dr. Burman was able to quickly diagnose the problem from my symptoms and recommended a comprehensive care plan to fix it. She was very patient with all my questions and also suggested a general check-up exam on the spot to ensure I don't have other vision problems. At the end I was able to get medicine from the clinic itself and they also ordered a pack of contact lenses with the new power for me. Great centre for eye vision problems..Highly recommended!!

The doctor is extremely patient and very understanding. She knows exactly what she's talking about and is very experienced. I've been through many consultations over the past decade and she is the most professional of them all.

Dr. Burman was very thorough in the examination and gave a lot of information and tips to take good care of my eyes. I already recommended her to a friend of mine.

The appointment was actually for my wife. Our experience with Dr. Sanghamitra Burman was superb. She is very patient and extremely soft spoken. She is cute. She gave all the time we needed despite the fact that my wife was her last patient that day. My wife has little scarring on her cornea and because of that she has to wear high power glasses with high cylinder and axis. Now, she wants to switch to contact lenses and that was what the consultation was about. Dr. Sanghamitra could get her trial contact lenses from Bausch n Lomb so that she gets a sense of wearing them. If everything goes well, she will buy monthly packs.

Excellent doctor and provides good advice. I went with my 3 year old who more than a handful and she was very patient and friendly. She made sure she gave the time for the child and also made us comfortable. Would definitely recommend.

I took my mother for check-up. She studied all the previous report and was very patient to listen. She took her time and gave us proper suggestion. She was very polite and listens to everything what the patient says. Recommended

I found Dr. Sangamitra very thorough in her approach towards the diagnosis. She took time to ask all the relevant questions and was not in a hurry to quickly conclude. I also found her extremely knowledgeable. I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants to get an expert opinion and a suitable solution for their eye related problems.

The following is a genuine review based on my experience. Dr. Sanghamitra Burman is very good and friendly doctor, I had corrected my vision via LASIK 5 to 6 years back and I'm doing well. Doctor listens to patient very well and cares about patients very much. She is very courteous and professional. Today I took my mom for her eye check-up, she examined her very well and also recommend us to take right treatment for her eye. It was really a pleasant experience taking treatment from Dr. Sanghamitra Burman.

She is good and approachable. She is definitely a great doctor foe eye related problems.  She observes minutely and spends time to get deep into the problem of patients .overall it was a good experience with her.

Excllent.  She was very helpful. Explained everything very clearly. Unlike other doctors, she asked to avoid unnecessary medicines.

I had a really good experience with the doctor. Had consulted with her regarding eye itchiness. Her diagnosis was prompt and really accurate. My symptoms and eye condition got really better within a few hours of the prescribed medications. She explains the causes and the method of treatment very well. Doctor spends time to listen to our concerns and explains everything in detail.

Yes, the doctor was very nice and friendly. Her tips were really very helpful for me. I recommend everyone to visit this doctor.

Doctor Sanghamitra spent a good time to diagnose the issue and unlike most of other Doctors, she patiently explained the details which is a rarity and a Must have ethic for those in this noble practice. We found the Doctor well mannered, courteous and kind. I wish Doctor Sanghamitra all success and a great career ahead, continue her great service with the good traits carried on over time for which she will be revered by us.

Really satisfied with having to visit Dr Sanghamitra for my eye power check and consultation. Was freely able to convey my problems and she listened patiently and did clear all my doubts and concerns. Her tests and reasoning for assigning the right power to be used is much appreciated.

Patience listener, understands the problem well, suggested right solution.. completely satisfied with the visit.

I had lower lash scarring after suffering from chicken pox. She helped me understand what the issue is and the solutions for the same. She explained the problem as is and didn't suggest unnecessary procedures or medicines

This was my first visit. Happy with my progress in eye allergy Very professional- medicines are available right there I would recommend this place for any eye related issues

Doctor's friendliness and positive attitude. Problem is almost gone and feeling very happy. Feeling a great relief of my eye problem. However continuing with eye drop as advised by Dr. I strongly recommend Dr Sanghamitra Burman for any eye related problem.

The doctor is really amazing. It was such a nice experience for me. She is friendly and calm. 100% worthy and satisfaction with treatment.

I was suffering with viral conjunctivitis from 5th Feb. Based on Practo reviews, I planned to visit this doctor on 7th Feb, however due to unavailability of doctor I had to go to other doctor who couldn't diagnose the infection properly and suffered for next few days despite of follow up. Then I decided to visit Dr Sanghamitra and visited her on 14th Feb. She diagnosed a thick membrane sheet covering eyes which delaying the recovery. I started feeling better from same day and now almost recovered in 2 days. Thank you doctor. Most efficient and preferable doctor.

Good doctor.  Her approach with patient is very friendly, explains everything very clearly. Thank you Doctor for a very good experience.

Excellent doctor. Very friendly and able to make the patient understand the problem. The line of treatment was also patient friendly. very satisfied with the approach of the doctor.

The doctor will listen to the problems with patience, and will explain things in details, don't rush.

The doctor is so friendly and professional. She clearly asked and explained the problem/treatment. Thanks Doctor

I visited the doctor for my son. She was very friendly and explained the issue very well. My son liked her very much. We are fully satisfied with her treatment and recommend her 100%

Though there is a wait time, the visit was still quite effective as the doctor hears you out. She understood the problem, check for how long it's been there, gave a solution. she only gave additional medicines what she thought was needed and rest she told to keep using the same medicines. She's been extremely helpful and is very knowledgeable.

My wife and I had gone for a general Eye check up. She did a thorough examination and explained all the issues. Has a very pleasant personality . We were satisfied.

The details of the issue provided by the doctor were to the point and the medication were effective as well. Eye problems are very disturbing and depressing since you cannot face the world since it's too visible. Really relieved by the treatment and hoping it to get better soon.

I visited for general eye check up. Doctor is very friendly, spend time to listen patients problems and will explain causes of problems.

Very friendly behaviour which heals the disease without medication. Proper diagnosis and advice of do's and don'ts and spectacularly zero waiting time. I should refer my family and friends for Dr. Sanghamitra.

Wonderful experience. I am very much satisfied with polite nature and listening and skills of madam.

Doc was quite experienced and hands on with the issue. She took her time explaining the problem to me as I had a lot of queries around power correction surgeries. Highly recommend this doctor for any eye related issues.

Would definitely recommend. Doctor was very polite and meticulous about the check-up and took time to listen to the problem and explain thoroughly.

Doctor is very good and  clearly explain the problem. Her diagnosis methodology is awesome. She listened the problem patiently and advised how to take care eye.

Dr. Burman is extremely patient and meticulous. She answered all of my questions and gave me complete clarity about the issue that I was facing. I'd definitely recommend her to anybody with an eye ailment.

She is very well mannered and polite person and will explain all your queries properly. Will definitely recommend her to my friends.

Good and quick....clean place....less waiting time...friendly doctor....highly recommended to patients

She was just able to find my problem after doing primary check-up n explained well about my issue. Now I am under medication and there is good improvement in reducing of redness.

A very professional set-up , I was seen on schedule. The doctor took time to listen to my problem , examine and then explain the issues to me

Patiently explained how I can take better care of my eyes and protect my vision. Also explained all the queries that I had in the most simplistic form

On-time consultation. Doctor knows about my history my health issues related to eyes. Doctor understood the root of the problem and helped me understand at detailed level for the pain and power change. I am pleased with the treatment and feeling much better. Doctor listened to my health issues with lot of patience. Doctor spent quality time in answering all my queries and detailed about my treatment.

Dr. Burman was great. she checked my eyes and asked me the right questions related to my problems. the charges are also reasonable.

Very good receiving and accurate diagnosis , very important organ in our human body are eyes so better treatment gives better human life

I went with dry eye problem due to Bells palsy, doctor did a detailed examination and explained me the cause and consequences and prescribed me medicines I am writing this after 20 days now I am almost cured but medicines to be taken for two more months . Thank you for the relief.

Dr. Sanghamitra is so friendly and gives her complete time to the patient. She analyses and conducts her consultation just like a friend

Very friendly and helpful doctor. She has excellent bedside manner, and makes the patient very comfortable.

Very nice experience and very good doctor and very nice explanation about the disease, patient will get 100% confidence about cure of the disease, really nice.

The doctor nicely explained why age related vision requires eye check-up and may require change of glasses every two years. She was very affable and pleasing in talking to patient . She is an excellent doctor.

Have known the Dr. from the time she operated on my mother for her cataract surgery years ago. She has been and always comes across as assuring, comforting and putting one at ease. Thank you Doctor. This appointment was for my brothers kids. Am going for an appointment soon.

Very kind and professional person...explained me how to reduce the strain and guided with some exercise..which helped me reduce the pain ..thank you Practo

Doctor was polite.. explained everything very nicely, she is good.. will recommend here for any Eye issue..

Very good experience. Doctor was very friendly and explained with detail my issue and gave me recommendations accordingly

Dr. Burman was very friendly and explained the health issue properly. She was really sweet and jovial with me, which extended my comfort zone.

She is very patient and listens to everything the patient has to say and then explains why it's happening.

Highly experienced Doctor and she is very patiently explains treatment. Eye wear is also available. Thanks Doctor.

Very Friendly !! Explains the underlying issue v clearly in a v simple way which makes u feel better !

Good. Very good. Doctor is good. Timings are good and when I went there had to wait for 15 minutes but it's okay.

It was nice. Doctor diagnose the problem and given prescription ,remedies so well. I recommend this doctor .

Doctor Sanghamitra is very patient. She listened very well and explained the root cause of the issue to me. I am very pleased with her treatment and her amicable nature.

Doctor is very good and listen to all the query and answers all your query and doubt. I would recommend her.

She is a very good and humble person. Was very friendly as well. I will definitely recommend her to other person.

First of all Thanks...to Practo for providing valuable information. I had a Eye pain and allergy for the last two year. I have visited few Dr. but they resolved my issue. Dr. Sanghamitra - She is the one who identified the exact reason for the issue and given correct medicine.

She is very comprehensive with her explanation regards to the problem. She explained why this happened in a very layman's language which helped me to understand my problem better, unlike many other doctors who hardly speaks about the problem and jump into treatment bit.

My experience was very good. The doctor is very humble and patient, explains the problem and treatment required in a nice and easy to understand way.

Excellent experience with the Doctor. She is thorough in her diagnosis and felt the warmth with her interaction. Reception lady is quite efficient in managing queues etc. Overall very good experience. Will recommend to all.

Doctor is good n very friendly and explains the issue very well. I can recommend her for other patients.

The doctor was really good, and explained to me why I'm facing frequent power changes. Also helped me out greatly while calibrating my new power. Friendly and approachable. I highly recommend her.

It was very interactive session with doctor . She listens and understands patient very well and diagnosis problem with grass root level . I felt good relief over the time with suggested medication .

I visited with my mother. The Doctor is very friendly and explained the problem in details. She has very good expertise to diagnose the problem. Definitely I will suggest others to visit her if you have any eye related problem.

She is a very good doctor. Very well spoken. Explains well. Have patience help me write medicines for my prescription. :)

She diagnosed the issue properly and gave few medications. I really like that she was on time and tried to understand the problem.

She is very nice and friendly. She listens very carefully to health issues. Treatment worked for me as she advised.

Doctor is spending some time to explain the nature of the problem and treatment methods.... Very friendly approach...

Starting from our first visit for my mother’s cataract treatment for both eyes to follow ups, the experience has been really great. We visited Dr. Sanghamitra for my mother’s cataract surgery of both eyes and felt like home there. I have never seen such a humble and highly skilled doctor in my lifetime. My mother is really very happy that we visited Dr. Sanghamitra for treatment. I would like say a big thank you to Dr. Sanghamitra for all what she has done. If you have any eye related ailment only visit Dr Sanghamitra, don’t go anywhere else.

Doctor is very friendly.  She explained in detail about the issue and suggested about the future course.

She explained the problem very well as well as the course of medicine . I was suffering from eyes dryness and inflammation since 2 years. Doctor examined my eyes and suggested few tests. Now after one and half month of treatment ,I am feeling better. She suggested to use few medicines for three months. I am satisfied by her treatment .

I would suggest anyone to consult this doctor for any eye related problems. I had eye itching problem and eye dryness. Both completely reduced in very less time. Friendly doctor. Satisfied with treatment :)

The doctor was very friendly and was listening to our problems. She explained the symptoms clearly and did not prescribe medications unnecessarily.

She was well aware of the problem that I was facing..I got relief just within minutes...friendly behaviour and explained the cause in a simple way

Interacts really great explaining the cause of every problem. First visit here. Will be coming back in the future.

Very good and sincere doctor..her treatment is perfect..have visited twice in few months..her way of attending patients is very nice..

Excellent doctor. Very gentle. She answers all queries satisfactorily. For best outcome , one must ask about any doubt and also about precautions to take .

Good. Understood my concerns. Advised on further course of action. Completed treatment within planned time.

Well Recommended, very sincere approach, thorough explanation of cause symptoms and treatment required.

Good friendly check up by asking only necessary details. Proper time given for each patient too know the problem.

Doctor was very polite and took good amount of time to diagnose. Her skill is gauge the issue, its root cause and a way to heal if very impressive. Best Regards.

She is very good, understand the problem of my kid, given the eye drops and within 2 days the infection get cured.

Friendly in nature. Able to explain the cause in layman language. No waiting time. Get call from clinic for appointment reminder.

Visited for Dry Eyes, Red Eyes, Eye Pain

Dr give good advices and suggestions for maintain the eye properly. And she listen all the problem about the patient and give best treatment. I will suggest this Dr always.

Doc is simple but yet intense in her subject of experience. She is sweet and explains an issue very well. She is very reasonable and friendly in her approach. I would recommend many to visit her. Regards, Patricia

Great !! doctor is friendly and explain the problem thoroughly..... and I need not wait for a long time for the doctor.....

I visited Dr. Sanghamitra to check my mother's eyesight. The doctor is quite friendly and explained the problem well. She also offered a spare room in her clinic for my infant to feed and sleep in. I would recommend her to everyone.

Amiable and approachable doctor who patiently examined me and explained the issue properly. Very good experience

Myself satisfied with Doctor's treatment, her behaviours and her diagnosis. She is very caring and experienced Dr.

It was really good. She is very professional. I went with my parents and she checked their eyes thoroughly.

Explained the actual problem and prescribed treatment very well. Doctor is very friendly and listens to problems and clarify all our queries..

She is confident and a good person, who will explain the issues and does not scare you. Clinic is neat and tidy and tgey preserve your records

Doctor was very patient and explained the issue in a detailed way. Had a satisfactory explanation for the complications I had.

Doctor was very patient with my daughter. This was my daughter's first time visiting an ophthalmologist. But she put her at ease and patiently answered her and our questions. She didn’t push for treatments but gave us the information that can help us make our decisions.

I had foreign particle removed from my eye. It was swift and professionally handled. Will definitely consult the doctor again for any eye related concerns.

Great..very satisfied. Doc explained the thing's in details by taking examples which a layman would understand. Doc was very polite and honest in her opinion.

She is very keen on her words and explanation. Her examination time is more and she will analyze each and everything clearly. I would like to recommend this doctor.

Very soft spoken and calm. One big quality of any doctor is to listen to the patient patiently before starting to prescribe or give opinion and Dr Sanghamitra does have that quality. Thanks a lot.

Dr.Sanghamitra is clearly a very experienced doctor. She was extremely profesional and explained all the procedures in detail and explained the next steps as well very clearly. Overall a very good experience with the doctor and the clinic. Regards Vikram Reddy

It was good. The doctor explained the problem that I was facing in detail. Also her behaviour was very polite and professional.

Went for regular eye check up and doctor did spend sufficient time to reply to my queries. Overall a good experience.

It's good experience. Very generically seen, both eyes together. Individual eyes she should have checked. But over all good.

I was witnessing quite a frequent eye itching past two months doctor was pretty calm and examined my eyes thoroughly and described reason very well and suggested course of one month i am feeling far relaxed now, highly recommended doctor for any eyes related allergy.

Elaborated me about the root cause of what problem I have and how to reduce it. She examined my eyes, took history and explained me well.

Friendly, jovial doctor who understood the issue and addressed it appropriately. Recommended to another relative as well.

She explained issue clearly and recommended for certain tests before surgery. I liked the professionalism.

I had allergic reaction to something (which I obviously didn't knew until I consulted the doc) and white of the eye developed some blister. I had red eyes and since I hadn't have these symptoms before any time, I was quite scared. But after meeting Dr Sanghamitra, I felt relieved as she clearly mentioned that my Corneal white is clear of infections and the blister might be the start of a viral Conjunctivitis or an allergic reaction in the eye due to foreign particles like some insect or dust. Luckily it was the later one, and the medicines prescribed by Dr helped me relieve the problem in 2 days completely. The hospital was clean, the staff there were helpful, although I had to wait for some time to meet the doctor, and it was not mentioned in Practo that Dr will be available in the evening from 5:30 PM onward only. Overall, I totally recommend Dr Sanghamitra for your Ophthalmology needs. She is well experienced and calm natured.

She exactly understood the problem which other Doctors couldn't, rather explained everything properly..

She was very good with the diagnosis and explained us the situation very well. The waiting time was also very less, very much appreciate her value for time.

She is kind and takes time in listening. She is efficient and knowledgeable.  She gave the right advices and treatment. Good experience altogether

She is a very good doctor ever I have seen since my 28 years she has advised me very well. She is very pretty in her looks and talks.

Doctor is very kind and knowledgeable. She explained me in detail. The staff is also good. It was a nice experience.

I am having pain in my eye for last 5 days. I visited Doctor clinic she explained very nicely what's the problem actually. Then she did the treatment and give me the medicine which is really helpful for me. Very good doctor.

Firstly, very cordial and helpful staff in the office. About the check-up, Dr. Burman addressed all my issues regarding eye problems and provided me an eye power which is suitable and comfortable to me. I am satisfied with her medical advice and would definitely visit for my second check-up. I recommend other users to visit Dr. Burman.

Found her to be professional, humble and caring. Would recommend anyone strongly to consult her. Great satisfying experience.

Very good experience. My entire family gets regular check up here. Definitely recommend this doctor for my friends and relatives.

Very good.. People should visit her if there is any kind of eye problem. Completely trust her to cure the problem.

Very good diagnosis and discussion for the problem I had. She is very patient in her methods and I was never uncomfortable.

Doctor was thorough with her examination .She patiently interacted with us and guided us. Our 10 year old daughter was very comfortable with her and her ailments subsided quickly. Thank you Doctor.

Doctor suggested good treatment which eased problem quickly. It was good experience doctor was polite.

She examined the problem carefully and has advised me some medicines . Doctor was not in a hurry to finish up ,she did listen to the problem entirely and then went on to perform the check up. She was polite and patient.

Doctor was very calm and heard to my problems. Explained very well about the causes and precautions.

Very good, listens carefully and explains in detail. Well equipped and experienced doctor. Will recommend.

The doctor had good idea on why the problem arises and gave detailed explanation which helped me understand the problem and the medication also helped to get 60% instant relief from acute itchiness

I have visited for treatment of dry eyes. She is quite cognoscenti in her field and listens patient problem very meticulously and gives medication with proper explanation.

Good doc. Helpful. Explained on the issue and shared insights. Would definitely recommend.

I liked the doctor's way of treating the patient. Very polite and get into the depth of the problem to rectify the problem with suggestions.

It was really good , the doctor was very friendly and polite and very patience in listening and understanding the problem.

I will recommend Dr. Sanghamitra, She is the best on her job. She is very friendly and listen carefully all problems and giving the best advice.

The doctor was patient in listening to my problem, asked relevant questions and did a thorough test. She prescribed only the required medication

Good doctor satisfied with the treatment . Doctor was very friendly and was interested in hearing my problem very patiently and gave me good advice. Will recommend for other friends and relatives

She listens to the problems patiently and explains the cause of the your problem. She doesn't scare you.

Excellent experience.. very good doctor. Knows exactly the cause of the problem  and deals with patients very emphatically.

The Doctor was really good with the diagnosis and very soft spoken and helpful. I would recommend my friends and relatives.

Nice experience. Dr. was very supportive and good listener. Suggested many solution. Would recommend

Very patient and polite. Has a well equipped clinic too. I would recommend her to my friends and relatives.

I went to the doctor for a general eye checkup for some floaters in my left eye. The doctor was helpful, and patient when I asked her any doubts.

Friendly doctor. Clarifies doubts and question related to the disease. Highly recommends the doctor. Thanks!

Went for eye power check-up as I was facing constant irritation and pain in the eyes. Very friendly and nice doctor. Good diagnosis and treatment. Would recommend.

She was very good with my son. Even though the child was anxious she was able to manage and console him .

It was a good hassle free experience overall. I got the first slot in the morning and the consultation was over and done smoothly.

Very cordial, polite, hears out the problems patiently, gently deals with patients overall a comforting experience.

Amazing. The doctor correctly diagnosed the problem and told there is nothing to worry about. The appointment was for my fiancé. She was really polite and professional. Would definitely visit again if ever we need a consultation for eye related problems

She is very soft spoken and very friendly. She let us speak all our concerns and addressed them properly.

She is seasoned and checked the eye thoroughly. The doctor was very polite and understanding, and the drops given are helping me in coping with the problem.

It was a nice experience I had with the Doctor. She is very gentle & examined my eyes in details taking adequate time & she listened to my issues carefully.

A good conversationalist. She hears and spends time to understand the problem. The facility is not crowded

I had taken an appointment for my elder brother, since he was perturbed with his spectacles. I would say we met the right doctor to sort out his concerns. Dr. Sanghamitra was tolerant and listened to all his concerns and explained him every detail of it.

Very happy with her. She conducted a thorough investigation and gave me good suggestions. Will definitely go back to her again.

Dr. Sanghamitra is a very pleasant person. She tries the to understand the problem and patiently hears you out.

Knnowledgeable, considerate, quick diagnosis and resolution. Appropriate medication. Easy to get appointment.

Explain what is stye and how to resolve this issue. Patience in listening and explaining. I would recommend her.

She is a great doctor, spent a lot of time with me and my wife. Very educated and informed. Would strongly recommend her to other people.

She is very calm and explains all the queries patiently. Well experienced, easily approachable and treats effectively.

Listens to concern patiently. Responds with the solution explains the cause and how to take care of it.

Listened to all symptoms and asked detailed questions on those. Dr. Burman is approachable in nature and very comfortable to talk with.

This was our first visit. She was very helpful and listens patiently. Thanks for correct suggestion and advice.

Very helpful doctor who listens patiently, does a thorough check-up, and then provides the available options.

My experience with doctor was good, good understanding of problems, helped me to cure my eye infection.

Very polite doctor . Listens to the problem very patiently and gives valuable advice . Thank you doctor.

It was a good experience . The doctor explained the issue v very well and seemed to be in no hurry. Didn't suggest any unwanted tests or medication. Felt like a family doctor . Definitely recommended

She is very humble, polite and approachable. As it was for my son, she was very patient to listen and tackled son quite well.

Nice treatment with clear and convincing explanation. Very convenient in clarifying questions with a pleasant face.

The doctor is very friendly. Looks as very qualified and experienced. Recommends whichever is easily suited. Thanking doctor for treating in such a easy manner.

Very good doctor, she listens and gives sufficient time, her communication is very good. She explains about diagnosis and her plan.

Very experienced doctor who quickly got to the root of the problem and provided recommended treatment.

very good. Doctor was very methodical and checked other possible related complications in details before issuing final prescription.

The doctor is knowledgeable,  explains the problem and its solution clearly and patiently. An expert in her field.

Very professional. Very informative. Medicines available at the clinic, so no hassles of going to a pharmacist.

Great service. Any eye problem she will explain in details.Very polite n friendly staff n doctor... Thums up....

Very sorted out and patiently hears out the issues. Answers all queries and clarifications clearly

A good doctor who listen and understand the problem and provides us with a better suggestion and solutions. Thanks Dr. Sanghamitra

She was kind and friendly. Did a proper eye test and also explained us the probable reason for the problem. Would definitely recommend.

Patiently listened to my problem. Did a thorough diagnosis, alleviated concerns, told about the ailment cause and prescribed medicines. Overall excellent experience

She was calm and polite to listen to the problem. Didn't suggest any costly medicine for the sake of it. Suggested some ointment and home remedies/precautions as necessary. I would definitely recommend her to others.

The doctor is experienced and gives time to examine the problem. She listens to the patients properly and gives best advice.