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Am I suitable for LASIK?

There are several factors which need to be taken into consideration for us to decide your suitability for LASIK.

Here are some general guidelines:

  • You must be an adult: age 18 or older (with some exceptions)
  • Your spectacle power must be stable for at least a year before surgery
  • You must have healthy eyes
  • If you’re pregnant or nursing, your hormonal levels can alter the stability of refractive error. You’ll need to wait until your hormones are back to normal levels.
  • Any other hormonal disorder must be well controlled
  • You cannot have a degenerative or autoimmune disease, since this would affect healing and predictability of the surgical outcome.
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What is the procedure followed before surgery?

After the initial consultation and clinical evaluation, a set of investigations are advised to review your suitability for Laser Vision Correction. Based on the age, refractive error or spectacle power and reports of specific diagnostic tests, the best, safest and most appropriate surgical option will be offered to you. In addition to discussion regarding the specific procedure, a customized pre- and post-operative care plan is drawn up for each patient.

Patients should carefully read and follow the comprehensive instructions on preparation and aftercare appropriate to their chosen procedure

How long does LASIK surgery take?

The laser treatment itself takes less than a minute. The entire procedure be it LASIK/LASEK/ASA generally takes 10-20 minutes for both eyes, though this can vary according to the procedure planned for you.

Is LASIK surgery painful?

Normally, patients do not feel pain during LASIK surgery as we adequately anaesthetize the surface of the eye with topical anesthesia or anesthetic eye drops. Once the surface of the eye is anesthetized, it feels numb within a few minutes. Patients are conscious and alert during LASIK and may feel some pressure on the eye during surgery, which is normal, tolerable and not painful. The effect of topical anesthesia lasts throughout the procedure which takes about 10-15 minutes for both eyes. After surgery, patients may feel mild discomfort or irritation. Pain relief medication is provided as part of the post-operative care.

What are the precautions that I SHOULD be following after LASIK?

DO follow all the instructions as specified by your doctor

  • DO use all medications for the period as prescribed
  • DO wash/sanitize your hands before applying eye drops
  • DO cleanse your eyes with moist sterile cotton balls at least twice a day
  • DO have a healthy diet for quick HEALING of YOUR eyes
  • DO give adequate rest to HEAL your eyes which are the most delicate and most overworked organs of your body!

When can I travel after LASIK?

While you could travel after 72 hours, it is preferred to be under the expert care of your surgeon at least for the first 5 days after surgery.

When can I go back to work after LASIK?

On an average, one can resume work comfortably, 3-5 days after LASIK. However, a week off is ideal! It also depends on the type of procedure you have undergone and the kind of work you plan to get back to. You must always follow the postoperative care plan advised by your doctor, as it is a highly customized plan for each individual at SightYears.

Will I be able to drive after LASIK?

Most patients after LASIK, have vision that meets the legal minimum standard for driving within 3 days. However, it is advisable to avoid driving and expose yourself to dust, stress and pollution for at least 1 week.

Can I wear makeup after LASIK?

Yes, you can apply makeup to your face 3 days after surgery, but avoid eye-makeup for at least 10-15 days after your laser eye surgery. Always remember to carefully wipe off the eye make-up with a gentle cleanser without fail each time you do so. At any point in time rubbing of the eyes must be completely avoided.

Are there any activities that I SHOULD NOT be doing after LASIK surgery?

In general, there are a few recommendations that one must follow during the post-operative period:

Keep water, soap and shampoo out of your eyes for at least 1 week.

Avoid a shower/head bath and face wash for 1 week.

Avoid eye make- up for at least 2 weeks.

Do not to touch or rub your eyes for at least 1 month.

Avoid swimming and dusty environments which can be irritating and make you rub the eyes for at least 1 month after surgery.

Avoid playing contact sports and crowded places for a month following surgery as there’s a risk that you may get an unwanted injury or infection.